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Tentative Beware: S-Cry-Ed

WHO: S-cry-ed

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/s-cry-ed They are also on Furcadia, but I don't know their username there - I only know they have a Furc account because many of their icon commissions stated they were Furcadia commissions. So evidently in addition to the large list they amassed on FA, they also had many Furcadia customers.

WHAT: Two digital icons. $3 a piece. The artist was doing a one-night special that got quite a few hits; it wound up taking longer because of this. Fair enough!

WHEN: I commissioned them November 17, 2010, for two icons. They had a list of people in their journal, but worked out of order, which is understandable. Inspiration doesn't always work in order! I replied to the journal again December 7, 2010 inquiring about the icons, and was told they had a sketch done for one, and that the second would hopefully be sketched that evening. Caps below the cut will show our interactions.

Here's the initial commission journal.

Below is the commission agreement, along with my confirming I'd sent payment, and my first 'hey, what's up with these?' comment. You can see the journal (screencap) in its entirety here.

Time went by, and I got this PM in response to the comment I'd left on the journal.

My reply:

About another week or so went by, and I checked in again with a shout, since they'd uploaded quite a few more commissions (all from Furcadia if I'm not mistaken), and I was puzzled since I'd supposedly been pushed to the head of the queue.

And then my last shout, left on Feb. 28th.

I didn't get any reply, and still haven't. However, I also know they haven't been on FA much, because their last upload was January 23th; their last journal was January 25th, and their last favorite was January 26th.

EXPLAIN: Well, the screencaps pretty much explain everything. I noticed their Tumblr account has been kept fairly updated, mostly with personal stuff, so I shot them an Ask there as to the status of my icons. I don't want a refund, but if I don't get a reply in the next week I'll probably try to contact them again asking for one. =C I'm just pretty let down, overall.

Edit: They replied on Tumblr!
"7th March 2011-Question
teahound asked: Hey, this is Teahound from FA. I'm sorry to bother you here; I just noticed your FA wasn't updated and this was. xD I was just checking on my icons! :3

I finished one a bit ago, and the second will be finished next, sorry for the delay :)
here’s a link to the finished one: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5126573/"

Apparently they posted one of the icons; I didn't see it because I'd wanted the character looking seductive and they drew her reading... They say what's sexier than 'The Life of Pi' which is the book she's reading there, I'm just sort of let down in that regard because it's not what I requested. At this point I just told them I really liked it and was looking forward to the second one. The character depicted does enjoy reading, so it's not a total loss. :T

(For clarification - I do like the icon I got, quite a lot! However it's not what I wanted. I'm not attempting to sound mean or anything by not mentioning that it's not what I wanted to them. They mentioned me asking for a seductive icon in the description, so they were aware of what I wanted all along. I don't want to pursue that anymore, and am waiting on the second icon.)
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