Tanginello (tanginello) wrote in artists_beware,

Help me find this dude! - SOLVED!

Our missing dude has been found and is a-okay! All problems are solved. Thanks everyone! (:

Hey guys, new at this.
In past, I've seen people ask around here to track down contact details and I was hoping someone here could help me out!

Here's the situation:
I did a simple sketch commission ($5) for Joseph Zdenek (the guy behind this book, Heart of Courage) about a month ago. I was a little delayed in getting the sketch done (two weeks instead of two days), but I finished it up within a reasonable amount of time and sent it off to him to be approved.
Aaand that was the last time he logged in to the FurAffinity Forums, where he had contacted me. No news from him whether or not he got the image or looked at it or even cares.

I was never paid and I can't find any other way to contact him; google doesn't turn up anything and there is nothing on FAF. He has commissioned some other artists, so maybe someone of you know him?

Admittedly, $5 isn't a lot and the guy is probably just having internet trouble, but I do kind of want to be paid for the work I did.

Tags: comm-joseph zdenek, lost contact, resolved
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