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Beware Fungasm aka Darkshadow8181

Name: Fungasm, formerly known as Darkshadow8181

Links: Old Fa Account:
New Fa Account:
DeviantArt Account:

Commission: One animated icon, later a freebie was included
Price: $10
Status: unknown, assumed untouched
Problem: No status updates or finished icons. Now I'm being ignored.
Length: from January 10th 2010 to current date


So I commissioned Darkshadow 8181 January 10th 2010. Just for a simple $10 animated icon. At the time he seemed pretty productive. But more and more time passed and icons came and went, but I never saw mine pop up. During this he would make Journals asking for more commissions and work to do. I also never once noticed myself on any kind of "work queue".

Actually, the first time I sent him a note regarding this and a refund, he immediately changed his tune. Even offered a 2nd free icon.

During this time of my asking about commissions he had a long down time. Turns out he switched accounts and is now known as Fungasm. Of course I followed and still watched for my icon.

I've noted him a handful of times during this.(I do not have our earliest transactions, but these are the most recent)

part 1.
part 2.
part 3.
part 4.

So it's been a whole new year, and I shoot off another note to him.

Now, what REALLY bothers me about this. I know he read my note. He just chooses not to respond to me. (Furaffinity notes clear of unread status, even sent ones).

I am piss. I want my money back, but if I'm being totally ignored, what else can I do? Friends suggested I post here. I don't want anyone else to have to go through this. It's really lame. :/

proof of original transaction:
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