The Sea's Great Guardian (rika_wulf) wrote in artists_beware,
The Sea's Great Guardian

Shadowfox Insisting.

This past weekend at furry fiesta, Shadowfox ( ) commissioned me for an inked 2 character pinup with blacklight coloring on the pawpads and penis. I have written down exactly what he described to me, a receipt for the commission and the sign of what I was offering at this convention. I was NOT offering colored pinups at this con!

He then proceeded to return to my table at least 5 times that day when I told him I'd have it done the next morning because pinups take me longer.
The next morning I had the inked commission done for him. He asked me why it wasn't colored... I told him it wasn't supposed to be colored and he just left my table.

Shadowfox continued to insist that he ordered a colored pinup from me and demanded I take it home and color it. I have it here with be because I could not get a word in edgewise before he just walked away from my table.

I have no idea what to do here. He's now posting shouts on my page asking whether or not I have word on his commission status. Please help, AB.

I'm sure most of you know his history, and frankly I was a little intimidated seeing him in person and actually dealing with his attitude problem.


Things have been worked out. All is good.
Tags: advice for artists, beware, comm-shadowfox8588, resolved

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