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Advice on how long to wait :C

I guess I should leave names out for now, but the situation is really a concern for 'Asking for Refund' Etiquette.

September 23rd 2010 an artist came to me asking if I would like to get a commission to help out their current financial situation, I was happy to oblige as I like to help out. I paid them 20$ (in advance) for two of their "Iron Artist" slots. From now until then I'd rather forgotten about it until I was cleaning up my notes and found the original one that I had sent for the commission. Wonder where that commission stood, I sent the artist this note:

to which he replied:

The last part of which wasn't very comforting, but since he mentioned the journal I went to search for it, and I found it: <- My slots are highlighted there in Red, I'm pretty far down... It's my assumption that all of these other people have also paid in advance, since he requested that from me in his initial note.

He doesn't have any ToS that I can find, or it's just hidden very well.

It seems like it's going to be a very, very, very long time before my art is done, really a lot longer than I would like to wait. (I think I've waited long enough, honestly.) I haven't replied to the note that he sent me back yet, I was wondering if anyone here had any advice about what I should do at this point. Any advice would be really appreciated. :c
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