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Beware Isabella Price


UPDATE 2/21/11: Some of these photos are a tad blurry, so I'll upload better shots later, but you all can see what I'm talking about for now.


Here in this photo I wanted to show the seam line. Its pretty clear is not balaclava, but some random material (looks like a t shirt) sewn together


Just wanted to show the cut work she did for the eyes. The way the material is cut makes mt think tshirt but also if it were a balaclava, shouldn't it have eyes already?


This is a bad pic. I'll upload another later, but this is one of the cheeks coming off. Just starting too.


Here's the other cheek. Its well on its way to falling off.


Sorry. this picture is kinda bad too. This is the back of the muzzle, where the wear's nose should be. If you can see, notice how it is flat which would prevent breathing.


This ear is coming off a bit.


This ear is almost off completely.


Upon inspection I realize this artist used very little glue on this head and it is coming off the material. In this shot you can
also see the fabric better. Looks like a tshirt

but this is ok, I'm just gonna rip it off the material and make this a foam base instead. So in reality all I really paid for was a bunch of foam pieces cause the foam isn't even staying on the "balaclava" material like its supposed to.

Again, bad service, poor with deadlines, horrid friend attack friend, and now poor craftsmanship.

Don't do business here. You may get more trouble than you wish for.

UPDATE 2/21/11: I received the head in the mail. I think I would've been more happy with it if I had just gotten it on time. Trying to stay calm and be less critical I was just wondering if balaclava, is that stretchy face mask type thing that goes over your head, cause what ever this is, it's not as described. Its looks like the artist took 2 pieces of an old tshirt and sewed it together and put foam on it. It wasn't even a stretchy tshirt so its hard to put it on.

After asking various friends to try it on, the one person who could get their head inside the base said it lays against their nose preventing her from breathing. She had to breathe through her mouth.  The head is, not up to par. It could have been better. Its kinda poorly constructed in the sense that it has very little glue holding it together. The ears are coming off somewhat and one of the cheeks is halfway off already.

Its definitely not worth $70 but at this point, I've lost so much time it will have to do. Luckily I can fix it myself, but I would have been better off building it myself or paying $30 extra to get a base from Avsun.

I suggest you really consider before buying or doing business with this artist. She can't keep a deadline and will try to justify it to you basically telling you you should accept it, she's not all that honest at times, and she has a rather off-putting friend who you do not want  to cross paths with.

She's a good person, just not a good business person and may need to look into other line of work.
UPDATE 2/20/11 I'm not sure how to deal with this? Is this right?
UPDATE 2/20/11: As promised I would like to commend Count Ramsley for getting the pictures I wanted to see.
I got a note from him on my FA showing me proof that Isabella did indeed send my head as of February 16th 2011
though it was one day before my due date I am happy that I shall (hopefully) be getting it.


I'd like to apologize to Isabella and Ramsley for my at times brash behavior. I'm mad, he's mad, everybody's mad and it just doesn't add up to anything good.  Its usually not like myself and I am happy with the way things seem to be turning out.

As promised I'd like to announce this issue as somewhat resolved and if I do not get my item it is a matter of the post office, not Isabella. If that were to happen we are in agreement that I shall get at least a partial refund.

I will also be dropping my claims against Ramsley and Isabella.

Thanks everyone for the support and I hope we all can move past this.

I will be updating on whether or not I got the head.

From this point on this all is yesterday and we're here today. Let us move on.
UPDATE 2/20/11: After everyone calmed down here is the conversation that took place. Granted there are a few jabs here and there but for the most part it was kinda civil


So I am now hopeful that things will work out. I hope we all can move past this.


I've just about had it with this mess. I knew I was being bullshitted from the get go
but I wanted to be nice about it ya know?

On January 28th I won her auction on a foam base head, which in her auction it
states that she would send the product 2 days after receiving payment.
Its now 22 days later and still no head. I even paid the same day I won the auction.

I was dumb enough to send my $70 payment as a gift so now I cannot dispute it on
paypal. But hopefully linking them here with all my caps and proof they can see
the sham taking place.

Here is the auction I won. I highlighted some areas for Paypal so they can see that
my $70 transaction I sent as a gift was indeed used to pay for this item.

Here is a cap proving that this is the email she wanted me to send money to. Again
this is more for paypal since I am linking them here. Notice how on the 28th she says
she'll send the item out 2 days after the auction but yet on the 2nd (5 days later)
she says she'll send it out Thursday (6 days after the auction)

proof I sent payment.

So I got a bot antsy and tried to communicate her about my item

No response, and I found out she was on the beware before.. but she finally responds!!

But when contacted again she goes back to not responding.

Peeved I go to do my own research on her and I found some rather discouraging signs of trouble

On her auction page, her emails are not verified. But I remembered something about those
emails that were more disturbing. I took on of those emails and tried to send money to it.


Look! You can't send money to that email! This is more for Paypal when they read this.
Looks like she may be evading a block or something.

And lastly not to sound rude but on her page it looks like someone else is having the same problem
(look at the last comment)

After dealing with her for this long I was told I'd receive my head by my birthday (the 17th)
and its still not here. I'm just about fed up at this point and I have asked this artist for refunds
multiple times in my paypal dispute against her and in my emails. I even asked her kindly
for pictures of the reciept/ reciept shipping lable so I can have proof that she sent it
cause this could very well be the Post office's fault.

Well her scanner is at her grandmothers house with no internet as well as her camera
and it will take a few days to get the pics. So I ask her Does she have a phone? Does it
ahve a came to take pics? She says sure and to text her.

I surely did. I sent texts that got no response. Then I finally sent a text asking if I even had the right number
and the response I get:

"Yes this is right. I am sleeping at the moment."


So I text her back somewhat brash and still kind stating that this is $70 of my hard earned money
we're dealing with and March (FWA) is fast approaching. When will she give me pics.

The response I get:

"I will be up in the next hour or so"

........fed up. Done. Filing claim now.


I understand life is tough..I understand not having a car....but..all she had to do was
call the PO schedule a pick up and they could have came to the door to get my package.

I hate doing this but I have no choice.
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