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Mod Post: Artist's Beware Situation Report Template - DRAFT

You asked for it. We discussed it. This is what we have.

Below the cut is what I like to refer to as the Situation Report. Its laid out to be simple for anyone to follow, when writing a report for the community and effective enough for you guys to reply with your best advice and assistance.

Please review the template carefully and feel free to add your opinion on what is there and offer up any further ideas (just keep in mind we're trying to go for quick n' dirty). From there, we'll discuss suggestions, clean it up and post it again in its finality for community use.

This is the Artist's Beware Situation Report template. This template is here to assist you in getting your beware written out in a clear and fluid manner, get it approved in a much speedier fashion, and get your answers and advice to you must faster than before! But before we begin, please take note of the following:

- Due to the potential lengthy nature of these forms/posts, please be prepared to insert an 'LJ-cut' into your post. How to insert a cut: *LINK TO FAQ*

- Screencaps (images taken of what is on your screen), are pretty strongly suggested to be included into your post (they will be addressed in the template for where needed). They are a big plus to your case, and can often answer any questions a community member might have for you.

----- The Form -----

Online Handle/Full Name of Artist/Customer/Business in Question: If person in question can be found on multiple handles, list them all.
- Please note that if the artist or client does not use their legal full name in their business dealings, you must omit it (this goes for screencaps as well).

URL where they base their business out of: Again, if there are multiple, please list them all.

Time Period: From initial conversation, to 1st payment (or agreement of trade) to signs of trouble to now (now being this post).

Item(s) Ordered: Was it physical art, digital art, sculpture, fursuit, jewelry, etc? Were there multiple parts to this transaction? Here would be a good place to put any screencaps of conversation (emails/names that are appropriately blurred, PMs/Notes, IM logs, etc.). By conversation we mean the details hashed out between you and the Artist/Customer for said order(s).

Proof of Purchase: State as well as place any screencaps/scans of Payment (Paypal screencaps with emails appropriately blurred, Money Order receipts, etc.)

Explanation of Situation: Tell your side here. What happened, what went wrong, where did it go wrong, have you attempted to fix the issue(s), ask for updates, refunds/legal warnings, etc. Post any additional screencaps here that correspond with your explanation. Be as clear and concise as possible, without use of insults and slurs, please.
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