lisa | sepp | astrid (sepp) wrote in artists_beware,
lisa | sepp | astrid

The Drawing that he linked to of mine is ADULT. careful.

I got this message in my email inbox this afternoon:

"Hello again

May I publish these image(s) in an upcoming issue of Herd Mentality

As artist, all credit will be given, and you will be entitled to a
contributor's copy (you pay only shipping), if you'd like one.

If you can send high-resolution versions of the image(s), please do so.
Thank you for considering!


...does anyone know who this guy is, and wether this email is justifiable? has anyone else gotten an email like this? I don't think I know what to do here... I'm thinking no, but if someone else has a good feeling about this.. I don't know, because I don't.


follow up: thank you guys for helping me out; I appreciate it :)

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