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TinyFoxtaur aka GAFoxtaur

I had to give this a long think before deciding to post here. A friend suggested I should, so here goes:

Nearly 3 years ago, I commissioned aka for an expensive commission. I've since paid it in full; a total of $500 for a 4-page comic. He has since finished the linework. Since then, trying to reach him is like pulling teeth. He has yet to finish coloring my commission. The few times I was fortunate to finally chat with him on YIM, he seemed very apologetic and kept promising me to finish it. Since then, nothing.

I understand my friend and others are in the same boat, waiting for him to finish their art. I don't know if his schedule prevents him from finishing his obligations, but come on! Three years for mine? I'm not asking for my money back, I just want him to finish what he promised.

Here are the PayPal receipts:
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