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General Beware

I'm not going to name the person but this was a big red flag for me and thought I'd bring this up just in case it happens to someone else.

This person asked me if i would do a commission for them, but they wanted to use a private character in which they requested i give them the PSD upon completion and delete the file from my own computer. (Essentially giving them rights to my image and pretending i never made it. >. >)

I told the person flat out that this was a big red flag. They stated they understood and that they were just protective of their private character. (Not wanting to get stolen i guess.) I offered other options i have in my TOS in regards to commissions i'm not allowed to post and they said possibly they would do that but for now use a regular character. A little more suspicious here as well. I'm not entirely sure i wish to continue buisness with this person but they aren't ordering from me right now as I'm not open for commissions so we'll see in the future.

Just wanted to warn others who may come across this scenario in the future and possibly get some opinions on how someone would handle this situation in case OTHERS aren't sure how to so no one gets pulled into a likely trap.

If enough people want screencaps (i will be taking out the persons name) i will post them up but otherwise its just a scenario.
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