Big Blue Fox (bigbluefox) wrote in artists_beware,
Big Blue Fox

What happened to....?

This is not at all an actual "Beware", it's more of a concern I'm having.

A few years ago, I commissioned an artist named Valixy on Deviant Art. Due to multiple reasons, the commission got delayed a few times. Now I'm a rather forgetful person, and while I tried to remind this artist of our commission, I kept forgetting, delaying the whole thing a lot. I'm not putting any blame on anyone here.

A few weeks ago I noticed that she had changed her name on Deviant Art to Sashra. I sent her another note, linking to her old name and asking about that commission. The account appears to have been untouched for a while, and my note has not yet been read after more than a month.

Does anyone have an update on her? Is she taking a hiatus, or has she gotten too busy to do art?

Again, I'm not trying to blame her or anyone, I'm just a bit concerned as she always used to be very fast with replies.
Tags: artist-valixy/sashra, lost contact


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