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Onai-wolfwind/Lazywolfcreations Name Change?- RESOLVED

EDIT @ 02-12-11: Was contacted and images were removed! This issue is resolved! Thanks for all the helpful information guys! Hello all. I didn't think there would EVER be a day I had to post here but, things change.

To begin, sometime last year(around February/March) LazyWolfCreations(Onai's Fursuit Account) was holding a contest in which someone had the chance to design their mascot and hand over the rights to the drawing/design/etc in exchange for a free partial. I was contacted about a week before the contest deadline to let me know that I was most likely to win with my design here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3457332/

Well, I did indeed win and received a note then for my references, which I gave for my wolverine character, Pumpkin. I was told it would be finished around April/May at first( I unfortunately don't have a cap of the note! ) and that time passed and I sent another note around July to ask again. I know life is tough and am fairly patient.


There is the quote of what I originally sent and her response. Okay cool, that's fine-- it'll be a bit longer.

December 5th of last year, I posted a shout on her page, asking her to contact me as the lack of communication was a bit sketchy. Plus, as a member of this community, I've seen the AB's already posted on her and it feels a little fishy.

It is now February 9th and still not a word. Well, someone saw my post on her page and noted me. Here is the cap:


I removed their name as they appear to want to stay anonymous. The art style DOES look similar but at the same time, I'm not about to go in if I am unsure if this is indeed the same person.

I'm not looking for the partial anymore at this point but instead, for the picture to be removed from their gallery of my entry and that even if the account is dead, for their icon to be changed as well since it depicts the character that I think, since she didn't hold up her end of the bargain, belongs to me.

If anyone has any information or can prove/disprove this, I'd greatly appreciate it. <3
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