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Concerning Maoria (slightly resolved)

Edit (April 5, 2011):

Sorry to be late about this. She actually did the drawing after she posted a journal about checking up on previous commissions.

For now, it's slightly resolved. I'm currently waiting for it to be colored.

Edit (March 10, 2011):

Seems that she has posted a couple more pieces on her gallery today. Both of them are gifts to people.

Edit (March 9, 2011) :

Recently, I looked through my outbox on Fur Affinity. It turns out that she has looked at the note and hasn't responded. So I guess now is a good a time to share the notes we sent back and forth regarding the commission.

The following is when I inquired about a commission.

A few days later she apologizes for the delay.

A few days later...

I didn't hear from her until September.

And that's about it...

I commissioned maoria on Fur Affinity in February of 2010 for a special she had going that was roughly $11-$12. During that time, she did keep in touch saying that it was in the inking stages as well as having a journal with a listing of what she had to do art wise. Then, she told me that her muse had disappeared as she was going through a rough time and would put my commission on hold. A couple of months had passed, and I tried to get in touch with her about my commission. I tried this a couple more times after another couple of months had passed. When she came back in September, she made a journal saying that she had no internet access when she was gone. I sent her a note apologizing if I had sounded harsh when I asked her the status of my commission and that asking for a refund was my last resort. She understood that I had waited this long for a commission regarding that she had no internet at the time. She even told me in her journal that she would try to get to my commission and have it mailed to me. After that, she disappeared.

It was then that I got in touch with Kitsune-Kyon on FA after seeing her comment regarding about her commission on maoria’s page. We assumed that maoria had taken our money without letting us know about our commissions. Then, I checked maoria’s journal to see who else was expecting art from her. Shirik, Xywolf, and Mishaela have been expecting maoria’s part of an art trade. However, Tomofox was able to get his commission around the same time I commissioned maoria. While contacting them, I tried to get in touch with people who may know maoria well. SierusSicling was able to get a hold of her, and she said that she had yet to receive the money assuming it could be something wrong with PayPal. After making the call to PayPal, they said that the money did go through, and I confirmed it when I checked into my payment history with the status saying “Completed.”

So far I haven’t had much luck getting in touch with maoria even if I were to wait a few more weeks to ask her again. The journal she had posted with all the people she owed art to is now non-existent.

Any help from this would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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