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"The Deep South's Anthropomophics Exposition
with our special guest:

MATT BURT, anthropomorphic artist GunMOUTH!"

Matt Burt? Um... Gunmouth? aka Trent? Sure he's a talented artist, but... just a warning to anyone attending FWA, before commissioning the 'guest of honor' for a badge because you're excited to see him... please review his background: Just understand, since he's so popular he might be a little behind on artwork...

"commisioned the above at Anthrocon 2004 for one coloured conbadge. He said he'd most-likely have it done by the end of the convention. I gave him my address, email address, and AIM contact just in case. It's been over a year..."


"At this year's AC, I commissioned Matt Burt (GunMouth on DA, Badvibes on Yerf) on the second day of the con for two conbadges. He said he'd have it done in half an hour or so. So I come back later, and he's not working on it. "Come back later," he keeps saying..."

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