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EDIT:Beware Miharu Okami

EDIT: On 2/12/11 my suit was finally delivered. Almost a month after it was shipped. They should have left it lost. The hand paws are two different sizes, one is huge and one i cant even get my hand into. The tail is falling apart with a curved tip to it?! And the head is just something else. The eyes are barely hanging on, are lop sided. The muzzle doesnt close and looks like its making an =0 face. And the fur was poorly shaved. I was told I could have told her about the face and she would have changed it...well i NEVER got a frontal pic, only side ones so it looked okay from the picture. JUST don't order from her. She takes forever, has a VERY rushed and unprofessional product.

So back on 8/24/10 I ordered my partial. She said she would have it done by FF. I got updates of the head and was in constant contact so I thought everything was good. A week before FF, it turns out she never finished, I was pissed but she said she would have it the next week. It is now 1/29/11 and I still don't have my suit. Two weeks ago I was told she was shipped out. Then when I told her I never got her, the truth came out...

She had left the suit with Keryu. Not done and just left it for her to finish. I found this out from keryu's boyfriend. She admitted to it being too much and not being able to do it. She said she never should have never taken my commission. Keryu finished my suit and sent it out....guess what, I still don't have it. Don't know if it got lost in the mail...or what.

Never use her...save your self the heartache.

Links http://www.furaffinity.net/user/miharuokami/
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