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How many excuses?

So I have a dilemma... I commissioned an artist (who's name I'm leaving out for now) something like a year ago (unfortunately after the FA note fiasco I don't have the exact date anymore) for a couples set of traditional stickers she was offering at the time for $25...

Since then, I've waited patiently- I've noted her a few times and gotten the "oh I've been busy" or "I lost them" and even "I don't want to work on traditional art." So she offered me something digital instead- not what I wanted but I was tired of waiting by that point...

SO 3 months ago I got the sketch- which is wonderful and I love it! But since then she has kept promising to finish it over the weekend or in the next few days etc.. Nothing. But she continued to offer new commissions and post new art (which really isn't a big deal- I get that) And now she has computer problems again, allegedly. I don't want to be a pain or anything... But I would really love to have my art... Especially since I already changed it into something she wanted to work on when she didn't feel like doing the stickers for me.

I know it's not as long as some people have waited- and I honestly don't know if I'm the only one who's waiting on this artist... I'm sorry if this isn't a great post, it's actually my first time posting here... And I'm not sure how to go about this without the evidence that my notes would have been great for...
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