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Ah, this isn't really a beware, especially since the last person to post about this fursuiter was overly dramatic and without proof.
And, well, this is my first ever LJ post, and my first time ever commissioning a fursuit or anything even remotely similar to that.
I'm mostly just asking for advice and trying to clear up confusions. If this should be posted anywhere else instead, please let me know. ^^;

Anyway. On december 2nd of 2010, I requested a quote from Lacy at Fursuiting, using their order form as it states to do so on the page.
She replied from her personal email address to the quote, with the quote attached, telling me all my figures and answering my millions of questions. She did that all rather promptly too, and answered all of my questions superbly. But of course, I had even more questions, so I simply hit the reply button and typed up a grateful response, super polite and asking the rest of my questions about these things. Which means it sent to her personal email address instead of the Sales@ email address one instead. I'm not sure if this was a good thing or not though, because I haven't heard anything since from her. I have sent an email or two though inquiring on whether or not she received my last message since I see that she is active because several new things have been posted up to her website. I sent one to the personal email that she contacted me from, and one to the Sales@ address which probably forwards to her personal anyway. I also even sent the question asking if she was receiving my emails one more time in the order form on the site, apologizing up and down for resorting to that too.

I'm not too sure really what to do. Does anyone know Lacy and know if it's normal for her to go two or three months without replying to a prospective buyer asking questions? Like I said, this is my first time doing anything like this so I'm not sure what's reasonable and what's not; I was only asking questions and getting quotes. No money has been or was meant to be exchanging hands/accounts yet, as we were still discussing payment methods and options as well.

I can post screencaps of the emails as well. It was only the first one, her reply, and then my reply after which has gone unanswered. I just wish she would have a phone number listed (unless I missed it on her site)

*sigh* Perhaps my many questions just simply put her off and she just doesn't have time for that kind of stuff. Or maybe she just plain is not receiving my emails.
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