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Advice needed

Edit:  I sent mechasheep a note telling her that if I wasn't shown proof that my suit was being done Id file a chargeback claim with my bank. She responded to my ignored note from last night and said that she would accept a deadline and possibly even have it done a week before then. So I told her that i wanted it a month from today (its very possible to have a suit done in a month or less, Shadowsani had mine done in about 3 weeks with amazing quality) and that I wanted frequent photographic updates. She read it but didnt respond to this last note.

This note in question was the one I sent last night asking if I could request a deadline (which was initially ignored) she responded today after I told her Id be taking legal action if something wasnt done.

I was hoping i wouldnt have to post to this but i really need some advice on what to do. In october i commissioned mechasheep for a fullsuit at the price of $600. She seemed eager to keep me updated and said that i needed to send in a DTD and shed start right away. I sent it off with delivery confirmation, but since shes located in canada it didnt update anymore once out of the country. I contacted her in late november asking if she had received it and she never replied, in fact all my attempts to ask her polite questions were repeatedly ignored (they still are) and she is active on FA, because she faves stuff every day and my notes show that they are read.

I got in contact with another person who commissioned a suit from her and they asked for WIP pictures, on it which they never received, on their suit which was allegidly pretty much done. they obviously are kinda at loss because she keeps ignoring them too.

I also noticed that other people who commissioned her for art quite some time ago are also waiting for replies that never come, if you look at her journals and whatnot.

So what should i do? Should i open a paypal dispute or is it too late? Or is there another means to go about this?

Thank you for your help,

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