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Trouble with a Commissioner

SO since he is threatening to come here and post about me...I think I will bring it here first and try to figure out what I can do about it.

OH and I am Kinked on Furaffinity. I took a commission for a 20 page sketchbook from Athari on Furaffinity. He asked for LionKing charaters. I told him I could do them in my style kinda...but I was not a "disney" replica artist...but I think he liked my low price of only 100 bucks.
Now all of my other sketckbook commissions have been artistic license. Just tell me who and a basic what and I have fun with it.
First thing that happens is he is VERY picky about the actual sketchbook. Makes me tell him size, brand, whatnot. Fine. I got the biggest reasonable sized like he wanted.
Then he tells me ONE pose. Just one. I asked for more (sometimes it's easier to draw with liberty as many know) He refuses and wants to see it first.
Then when I do finally post it... he is unhappy with the style but okay with it. I said I was not a disney copy artist, that my style would come through.
So then i get ....the list! God. Detailed discriptions of each and every pose and exactly what angle, what expression....everything. On every angle.
So now I am expected to do this for only 5 bucks each. Crazy.
So it takes me a long time. I admit that. I was really bogged down with the idea of how narrow it was. I was not looking forward to I was slow. My fault.
So I finally get nearly done and ask for his address.
no...he want's a SCAN of every sketch BEFORE I mail it.
That will take me forever. Not to mention I would have to tear the pages out of the book because I don't have a flat scanner.
I said no...I will just give you a refund.
He said he is in Russia and can't accept money on paypal.
So I gave him the option of tearing up the sketchbook....and he takes it.
I scanned the first 10 pages. This takes me forever....
Why? Because my scanner sucks and I have to clean up each one before posting.
He sees small copies and makes comments again about the style not being quite there.
I email them to him.
He claims he did not get it.
I have no proof of emailing, but I obviously have the file...why would I lie?
Now it's been a few weeks and he wants scans of the rest and those resent in a zip file...which I don't even know how to do.
I just want to be done with this.
I want to send a 1/2 refund and let him out of my life.
He wants me to just get it done today.
I have spent way way more time on this commission than is worth this. Dozens of hours.
and yes...the entire process has been over a year in the making. (or nearly a year)
So I know I am slow. I just wish i had never taken this on.

Should I spend hours more scanning, cleaning, and sending him this. Or force him to accept a refund?

Thanks everyone for your comments. I roughscanned the rest without cleaning up lines or whatnot and emailed.
I am done and case closed. Should have said no from the beginning but since I did not I did what I needed to do.
Tags: advice for artists, comm-athari, resolved

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