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Beware: SanuraPanthress / Darth Ibony Sera

This is an update of what was originally a discussion post here about how to deal with artists who don't like to be contacted, where the artist was not named. Even though it has been concluded by me getting a refund, and thus I was concerned that this may be viewed as a grudgepost, people who I have discussed this situation with advised me to continue with a beware due to her attitude and conduct.

Her pages are and though it appears that she has now deleted everything. I have no idea whether this means she has run off on her current clients or not.

EDIT: She has moved back to DA, and appears to be in contact with at least some of her clients there so that is a good sign.

I commissioned Sanura fror a coloured bust shot, paying her $25 up front. I was fairly certain in the note she said she'd have a sketch for me to look at the next day, but over recent notes below she claimed she'd said sometime that week. Either way, she missed that deadline as two weeks from the date I commissioned her I have heard nothing, and she posts a journal saying her laptop battery has fried and that she's thinking of doing adoptables.

Now this makes me curious about the status of my commission as I was supposed to have a sketch by now, but that deadline came and gone, her work queue says she hasn't even started on the piece, she doesn't seem to have acknowledged the missed deadline at all and generally I wanted to know what was up. Here is a screenshot of the queue

She send a reply that rubs me quite the wrong way, telling me she doesn't like to be contacted on the status of commissions and to read her journals. Of course that sends up a red flag, any artist who doesn't want to be communicated with does. This leads to me posting the AB entry above for advice.

I ask for a refund as a result of this advice, not expecting there to be any problems with this since no work has been done on the piece. She initially refuses to refund me because she already spent it. Then she offers a refund, but with no certainty when or if this would even happen.

At this point she posts a journal, publicly complaining about her clients and it incites her watchers to bash her customers for being impatient and inconsiderate. The journal was later deleted but I anticipated this and saved a cap with some comments. I am one of the customers complained about in the comments, but even if I hadn't been the unprofessional attitude shocks me. Here is the cap

Here is our exchange via notes.

After sending that last note I file a dispute with Paypal.

Rapidly enough I get the refund from her, after she posts a few journals whining about needing money for the refund and for her battery. She receives some donations and someone else takes my commission spot, and the refund is sent with a snarky message attached to it along the lines of "I hope you're happy now" etc.

Not wanting there to be bad blood despite how the transaction failed I sent her a note saying thank you and that I appreciated the refund, had no ill will and wished her luck in the future.
She responds "Would have been nice had you waited just a little bit on the refund thing instead of giving me a black mark on my PayPal account that was completely unnecessary. So, your "I feel no ill will against you" seems quite insincere. But, whatever; I'm done."

When I send her the note I saw that her profile was changed. From her artist info on FA:

After my cue is empty, I will no longer be taking commissions due to multiple incidences and an unwarranted
dispute against me on PayPal. This has left me extremely bitter about doing further commissions or any other
work for people. Please do not contact me about doing work for you. I'm sorry.

Her journal footer also said "* -__- Issue resolved after an unnecessary dispute was filed on PayPal against me... Awesome... " but seems to have been removed now. I did not see what it said about me before that edit.

A little drama happens when I post a journal with my side of the story. I do not name names, but regardless Sanura reports me for harassment The person who tells them to report me for harassment came onto my page asking why I made the journal when I wasn't naming anyone. Trying to lure me into doing something report-worthy I guess?

After this, I looked at Sanura's FA page once more and the above information is now gone and replaced with "You win. I hope you're happy." (EDIT: This has now been deleted also)
All information, including her work cue and Terms of Service have been removed. Since her ToS was referred to a few times in this entry though, I have a screencap of it too which can be found here.

Even though she has left FA and this entry may seem moot, I recall her leaving at least once before and there is every chance she may come back, or even return under another name. She is very rude and snarky despite how nicely you may try to approach her about an issue.

EDIT: A cap of her journal announcing her return to DA and leaving FA due to 'drama'
After becoming aware of this entry, rather than defend herself here she posted this

EDIT 2: Sanura came into the entry and seemed genuinely contrite we resolved things, or so I believed at the time.
Many months later she showed her true colours by publicly calling me an "entitled bitch" in the comments to one of her journals.
Link - Screencap -
In light of this, the resolved tag has been removed as her attitude towards paying customer is and was the issue here.
Tags: artist-sanurapanthress/pointed-angora, beware
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