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Any one know what happened to...

Not really a beware, but I'm wondering if anyone knew what happened to amandakross ?

A long while ago last year they opened to make digitgrade pants for practice, and I got chosen along with a few others. (I don't have the link for the entry at the moment sorry, but it was sometime before halloween.)

Now, initially these were supposedly "free"- partly because they claimed to have already had fur (of course I realized that it was a stretch anyway considering). And for the material I wanted used, because it was more expensive than the standard DF fur, I sent money via paypal to cover for the fur to be special ordered. (This was through imstuffedfur - which I read somewhere on the site that if using paypal, the one sending the payment also had to be one the fur was being mailed to.)

Which I also realized was a dumb move on my part. At first they kept in contact no problem and already said that she was helping others with their cosplay and such. Later they changed emails and didn't have problems keeping in contact there either. And after a long while (probably since later September or so) I pretty much forgot and realized I never heard back for a few months.

I'm not expecting to get my money back or anything because it's been so long, and I know I shouldn't have sent and money in the first place.

Any insight on their whereabouts?

Tags: artist-amandakross, fursuit, lost contact
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