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Artist Beware: Sentai: RESOLVED

LAST EDIT: Since it is against the rules to delete anything in the OP, I will leave it all up. however, on the second page, Sentai and I have come to a mutual agreement to ceasfire. I am hoping all parties involves will also agree to the terms. I believe her and Haiku have also reached an understanding. Please referr to the second page to see the terms and agree to them if you are any of the involved parties.

Thank you for everyone who stepped forward, thank you for everyone who has posited their insight onto the issue, any suggestions made, and thank you for all parties involved for reaching an understanding. May we all part ways from this and continue on our own paths. I wish you all nothing but success and peace.

Sentai is not only a budding artist on Furaffinity.net, but also a longtime user of Sofurry.com. farmerly yiffstar.com  My personal blog is a bit more lengthy and personal, so I tried to keep this one as professional as possible. Ive had a long time running in difficulty with this artist, as she has carried whatever sour grapes she has against me over to sites other than Furaffinity and Sofurry (such as livestream). Just recently, I found out that for a long period of time she has been privately contacting my past and reoccurring commissioners  to badmouth me as a person, offend them through their commissioning me or other people, and their character, and likely has prevented some of those people from commissioning me again via defamation. Instead of consulting me with whatever problems she has with me, she has instead contacted my watchers and commissioners to complain about my business ethics or practices, something of which she could not possibly know as we have never done business together.

Several years ago, before this artist started attacking me about my "popularity", my fiance, and my art, prices etc, I actually encouraged her and her art progress AND I never even gave her suggestions unless she ASKED for them. I was VERY respectful for someone always so unwarrentedly disrespectfull to me (and my commissioners, though I wasnt aware at the time). Why she suddenly got a rage boner is honestly beyond me, but I'm not the only person it's happened to, specifically, not the only artist who she's been a persistant source  of harassments on MULTIPLE sites.

Thought not recent, I eventually grew sick of her constant provoking and underhanded commentary on literally EVERY site I belonged to when she got the gaul to come onto my livestream and offend my customer. She came onto MY livestream, asked me tons of questions about my software and pricing and ethics, and then ranted about how crappy I am and what a ripoff I am. She came onto MY stream, with MY customers, told them THEIR character is "trying too hard" and "tragic" (as if "no offence" at the end would make it all better?"), then tell me I'm ripping them off for charging $10 to $15 dollars an hour. She offended MY customers and then contacted these customers behind my back to whine about her art and badmouth my quality, me as a person and otherwise make defametory remarks to them about them or their piece they commissioned or about me. How do I know she hasn't  told a past commissioner a lie about who I am as an artist or a person and that prevented me from furute business? She has never commissioned me or received art from me to be able to dictate my business ethics and not one of my commissioners has had an issue with me that wasnt immediately resolved.

The worst part is I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE.

Another artist who she has pulled this stunt with is Haiku OR CarboardCastles of sofurry and FA. Apparently she and her art receivers or friends have been harassed by Sentai for quite some time, as well, Sentai even being banned because she refuses to cease even when she is warned multiple times by moderation.


Here's a list of the places she's been banned and for what reasons, or broken rules,  as well as a list of people who she's been harassing:

-Sofurry, multiple times when it was YC. Here's the current moderation log on SF and proof she incessantly harasses users over long periods of time, in an unwarrented passive agressive manner: www.sofurry.com/threadview

-YC, user harassment, going around ignore feature, artist harassment, using vent to attempt to organize raids on YC, and to harass specific mods/users/artists, using puppet accounts to troll users

-Livestream, for harassing artists and commissioners and users

- Yashendwirh (myself) for badmouthing the artist, harassing commissioners, watchers, fiance, fellow artists and friends on FA and SF, following onto multiple sites to harass the artist and customers (COMMISSIONERS NAMES WTHIHELD AS TO PROTECT THEM FROM FURTHER HARASSMENT unless they come forward and admit it themselves)

-Haiku/Cardboard Castles of SF and FA for constant unprovoked harassment, underhanded commentary, harassing and offending past commissioners, watchers and friends (COMMISSIONERS NAMES WTHIHELD AS TO PROTECT THEM FROM FURTHER HARASSMENT unless they come forward and admit it themselves)

-Schwert/Sch/Schwertwal of SF and FA, for general harassment and provoacation of the artist. Lets just say attempts on him werent nearly as successful because "eh is a troll and doesnt afraid of anything." to put it simply

-A friend of mine, my fiance's and an art receiver from Haiku, who wants their name withheld

-Firasia, general harassment and unprovoked offenses in SF

So AGAIN, a word of caution. This person seems to lash out at artists she comes in contact with who have otherwise seemed latent or non-agressive towards her in any way, and she lashes out by harassment through multiple sites, harassing commissioners, and making otherwise defamatory remarks on the artist, their art, their commissioners and their characters.

If you have any further incidences with this person, harassment as a commisioner, or as an artist, please come forward, as there is a list of at least 12 people from the above events.

EDIT !: Added pics and logs of other artists comming forward, one even having to make a new account due to harassment., Ome past commissioner, one past art receiver.

Proof of harassing my customers AND other artists, even to the point of making them get NEW accounts on FA:




Artist, artist, customer.

A log:

(4:46:18 PM) ART RECEIVER She's a whiney bitch who doesn't like it when people give her constructive critisim or don't whore themselves over her
(4:46:18 PM) ART RECEIVER: o.o
(4:47:36 PM) Yashendwirh: Well she's been really trolling fucking everyone so Im reporting her and Im collecting all the underhanded crap she's been doing
(4:48:17 PM) Yashendwirh: She's gone onto my and Haikus FA and badmouthed us there, she makes snide, underhanded comments to us on SF and she came onto my livestream and attacked one of my customers AND me
(4:48:19 PM) Yashendwirh: so
(4:48:20 PM) Yashendwirh: yeah
(4:48:23 PM) Yashendwirh: ;w;
(4:49:45 PM) ART RECEIVER Yeah, she's intimidated by the fact that you and Haiku are more talented respoected artists.
(4:50:36 PM) Yashendwirh: I wouldnt be caught dead saying that for myself
(4:50:50 PM) ART RECEIVER She always seems to attack Haiku...
(4:50:55 PM) Yashendwirh: Just in case any whiteknights come along and say Im acting like the typical arrogant popufur artists
(4:51:19 PM) ART RECEIVER I sided with Haiku, or she assumed so because Haiku had drawn something for me.
(4:56:50 PM) Yashendwirh: ...Why is that bad?
(4:58:28 PM) ART RECEIVER It isn't
(4:58:33 PM) ART RECEIVER: I just lost all respect for her after that
(4:58:34 PM) Wasabi: o.o
(4:59:00 PM) Yashendwirh: Is it alright if I mention you in the report?
(4:59:13 PM) Yashendwirh: Its pretty crappy so offend someone else through their commission....
(4:59:43 PM) ART RECEIVER She offended me because she automaticaly decided I had sided with Haiku over some little argument she started because Haiku had just drawn me a piece of free art.
(4:59:53 PM) ART RECEIVERAnd then went on to bitch about not giving people free art, etc.
(5:01:18 PM) Yashendwirh: Is it ok if I mention you and this incident in the report?
(5:01:44 PM) ART RECEIVER: Eh, I guess.
(5:01:49 PM) ART RECEIVERAs long as it doesn' get out
(5:02:21 PM) Yashendwirh: I was going to put it on Artists_Beware
(5:02:25 PM) ART RECEIVER: Oh
(5:02:26 PM) ART RECEIVER Well
(5:02:28 PM) ART RECEIVER If its public
(5:02:31 PM) ART RECEIVERDon't mention my name
(5:02:33 PM) ART RECEIVER: Just saya friend
(5:02:43 PM) Yashendwirh: Ill say you were Haiku's customer
(5:02:48 PM) ART RECEIVER Sounds good 

Tags: artist-sentai, resolved

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