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How to talk to artists...

Hi! I'm heading off to FC next week and I'll be running a panel on How To Talk To Artists (unless somebody else wants to do it , please please please let me know! Or if you'd at least like to come and help that would be great too!). I'm hoping some of you artists may have some points and tips to share with me to pass on to commissioners. I think this could be a very informative panel for people.

So far I pretty much have:
-I don't need your full character history, just a description of what you want.
-character refs are awesome
-we are not art machines...art takes time to make
-if you know what you want feel free to give us tons of detail...it leaves less guesswork for the artist and you'll get what you want
-don't complain about the price. The artist sets the price that makes the art worthwhile for them to make. If you don't like their price then find someone in your price range.
-be polite
-don't be a creepy stalker
-just because you bought something does not make us friends

Ummm, anything anybody can add would be fantastic!
If any non-artist people have anything they'd expect from or like to get out of a panel like this one, that would be extremely helpful too!

* I know this is kind of last minute, but I had responded to a LJ post months ago that I was interested in maybe running that panel and then promptly forgot about it until I was contacted a few days ago...
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