Laini (laini) wrote in artists_beware,

Some advice please

I didn't realise until I went back to check but it's now been almost a year since I commissioned someone for a piece of art.
At the time they were taking commissions and donations as they needed to raise money for an ill pet.
About a week later their pet passed away.

Since the initial messages back and forth I've not heard anything from this person about my commission.
I sent them money for the picture and a little extra on top so I thought perhaps they'd just gotten confused and assumed it was all donation but their last message to me says they would get on it as soon as possible.

After their pet died they weren't online much for a few months and I think they just completely forgot about it.

I know I should probably just send them an e-mail and ask what the situation is but I don't want to upset them.
I'm also worried I'll end up angering them so they'll just send me a few quick scribbles.

What would you guys recommend in this situation?
Tags: advice for commissioners
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