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Akeyla issues

I commissioned Akeyla at eurofurence last year [early september]

I gave her a reference sheet of my character [original image, not a print] I didn't have any prints, as I wasn't planning on getting art of the character originaly

I had to leave earlier than expected from EF and thus couldn't collect the art from her

I messaged her after I had gotten home and settled back down, and recieved a reply stating that she would send it out ASAP

I was never given a scan, or even a photo of the image, and it has not yet arrived, same with my reference sheet, which she acknowledged that she has... I messaged her again on FA, soon after she made a journal saying that she would be leaving, and she deleted most of her art from he page, I asked around and found her DA page and noted again, yet I have not recieved a reply.... she has posted things since I noted, which was 3 weeks ago, this is the note I sent:

'hey there, this is shadowsani from FA... i haven't recieved the artwork yet [female kitsune sketch] or my reference sheet back, have you sent them yet? and if so, do you have any proof that you did?'

I was wondering if anyone around was in good contact with akeyla so I could get my art and reference sheet back? I don't actualy have that reference sheet scanned, and I would like it back for future reference of the character :(

her DA is: and FA is

EDIT: contact regained, thankyou!

EDIT2: contact lost again, item still not recieved :(
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