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it's me, I'm the culprit! ;__;

I'm issueing this warning for myself. I just found an uncashed money order for $22 when I cleaned out my second art desk (desk in the basement used to store lots of extra stuff). A one Allen McComber from California issued this to me, and I can't find his contact info anywhere in my email, AIM logs, deviantart comments and notes, or on my computer at all for that matter. I'm assuming this is payment for a badge because of the amount, but I don't ever recall making a badge for this person or sending it to this address. Please if anyone knows who this is please have them contact me at shadowolf444@gmail.com. If I can't get a hold of him online soon, I'm just going to mail the money order right back to him with a letter of apology.

Into the warning... If anyone commissioned me sometime between around may of last year to january of this year, I may owe you art! I could explain why I was doing so poorly with business practices at that time, but lets just say it's personal. The fact is at least one person who I don't know how to contact is expecting art from me. So please contact me if you are, or know of anyone else who I have let down with the lack of results. I apologize to anyone who commissioned me at the time and I took forever on it. I've really cleaned up my act lately, been getting commissioned out within a few weeks of them being ordered, plus I'm keeping much better records. So I'm sorry everyone, but at least I learned, and now good record keeping and better organization will prevent personal turmoil from getting in the way of being a good business woman. Thank for reading :3

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