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Lost Contact: Sarendipity7

This is not so much a "beware" as a "do you know where they are" post.  I have nothing against Saren, I would just like to know if anyone has seen her around the 'net.

I found Saren through a post on FursuitAuctions and contacted her about a commission July 21st 2010.  We remained in contact almost constantly, up until Sept. 4th 2010, when she stopped responding to my e-mails.  Nothing had occurred to make her want to break contact with  me, as it was just friendly banter most of the time.

Her second-to-last message to me was an apology for a slight lull in responses, because she was having computer issues.  Other than that, everything was smooth.

She does not have an FA, apparently.

Her LJ is: sarendipity7.livejournal.com/

Thanks for your help, guys.  Let me know if I've done anything wrong with this post, I'm a first-timer, heh.
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