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An important message for the year 2011!

Happy New Year everyone! May 2011 be fabulous for you. Now, this post here is a little bit serious, so I ask that you please read it carefully.

Artists_beware's purpose is to be an informative community regarding the negative (and the positive) in the world of commissioned and traded artwork, fursuits and professional going-ons in the world of art on the whole (advice, scam warnings, etc).

What we are not is a community that drama mongers, harshly critiques out of hand, performs witch hunts/trolling or openly drops dox (private information that could lead to real-life harassment for the exposed person) on anyone posted here within the community. We are not a *chan-style board, therefore the shenanigans that go on there, do not happen here.

We are also not a community for voicing opinions on hot-button issues, or uses of various terminology. These discussions actually derail the true point of a post, and should be curbed as much as possible.

Please re-familiarize yourself with our community rules (which have received several updates over the last year), and treat the community like the professional place it is.

Thank you, and again Happy New Year!

EDIT/Clarification taken from a comment made by kerstin_orion:
We're not trying to make a new rule here. We just want people to PM or email us mods instead of commenting on offensive terms in others' comments, because while some people are mature enough to handle a 'hey, that term is offensive' comment, others are not. As moderators, if the person reacts poorly to our 'correction', we have the ability to deal with the offensive comment through thread freezing and (if it's bad enough) comment screening.

No new rules have been placed into this post, this post is a reminder of what our community is about, and to simply to re-read the current rules, and again, if something seems to go out of hand somewhere - contact us rather than handle it on your own.
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