L. Pug (pugletto) wrote in artists_beware,
L. Pug

Advice and maybe a question?

(Because I'm ignorant in the world of commissioning half the time) I've been hearing and reading a lot about "Sketchbook" commissions and was wondering... well, what are they? Does someone just go out and buy a sketchbook and dedicate to whoever commissioned them for x amount of time, or how does that even work?

The reason I ask is because I'm interesting in offering. There isn't anywhere I won't go without a sketchbook and I have plenty of time to dedicate to something like that. I'd just... I'd want clarification and a general consensus as to what prices sound fair/outrageous/etc etc. I'm only really willing to work on a 5.5 x 8.5 canvas (less for shipping or something and I draw pretty small :| ) and yeah... Here's my DeviantArt if anyone wants to gauge what I should charge, or what they'd pay for or something.

Er... Sorry for the sudden invasion/my stupid. Just want some input.
Tags: advice for artists, discussion

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