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I posted earlier with my ongoing issues with trying to get a refund or commission for  $600 from SilverFoxx420/GhettoImmortal. After sending her a message regarding her recent commission work and a possible payment plan, I waited two weeks before sending her a final resolution request. She was informed of my intention to take the commission issue to court if she would not provide a resolution plan. She responded saying that I should take her to court.

It was at this time she uploaded the only physical work I've seen her complete for this commission in the entire five and a half years it was in progress. She also was able to respond to my message in one evening, but was unable to do so prior for the past two weeks or ever before.
It's entirely unfortunate that this commission has gone this way, but there appears to be no other way to regain losses.
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Dec. 30th, 2010 09:21 pm (UTC)
Yuck! What an irresponsible person. "Hi you gave me $600 but I don't want to do anything INCONVENIENT to pay you back".
Unfortunately I don't know much about what happens if you win small claims, how hard they can pressure someone to pay you back. I do think it's possible she thinks you are bluffing and using it as an excuse not to deal with you anymore. "My armchair lawyer says not to talk to you". I hope you are going to pursue the matter, as it's not a good idea to use the s-word* without being willing to follow up.

* "sue"


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