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Beware- A year for a sketch?

So I pretty much only joined this site to post on this group x
I went to a convention in August 2009 where I commissioned keicaiayan.deviantart.com at her table after looking at some of her images in her portfolio. I loved her style and her prices were cheap, so I paid up front a $7 one character lineart commission of an OC. I sent her the ref sheet of my character via note on deviantArt, which she acknowledged she received. Then I heard absolutely nothing from her for the next year. I was a little miffed, but she sent me a note on my dA a few days before the con the next year, claiming she had a really rough year, offered to give me my picture at the con, and offered a refund or a free picture img269.imageshack.us/i/lazyb.jpg/. I was a little suspicious because it seemed she still had time and didn't feel crappy enough to post up pictures of her dolls on her dA. But  I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, said it was ok and I understood and that I'd pick up my picture at the con. When I went to the artists' section (which was only in a short hotel hallway), she was not there. I asked several other artists, and they had no idea. I checked back right before the convention closed and finally found her. After a year of waiting, she gave me my picture. I said I'd take her up on the offer of a free picture, this time asking for her to draw my boyfriend (he asked another artist there the last year, but the guy seemed to not even notice that he was standing in front of him). She took a picture of him, wrote down my address, and said I would get it in two weeks.
It's been almost 6 months and I had heard absolutely NOTHING from KeiCaiAyan. Regardless of how small my commission is, I still paid her money and tried to be sympathetic after waiting an entire year. She has my dA username AND my address, so I know she knows how to get a hold of me. She shouldn't take commissions if she didn't think she'd have the time, or at least have the courtesy to apologize have time. I'm pretty ticked off, to say the least.
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