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Hey. New to the group. Putting my two cents in :)

Old Gray Racoon(MjrivMike) - GREAT buyer.. great guy. He's very patient and very willing to make sure you feel good about your skills.

Cateagle - Another terrific buyer :) Friendly, understanding and makes sure that you get your school work done before commissions :)

Mossman - PATIENT! Can't describe that enough. This guy is utterly astoundingly patient! I felt guilty as it took me nearly a year to get done and he simply was delightful :)

These three people are utterly delightful to work for. They pay on time, they're understanding that you as an artist have a life. They are patient and kind and great people to talk with :D

Only one bad person, really.. that was a Rymeer. -snort- He bought a picture from both my friend and myself... He never paid CJ her $30, or my $20 :p Not a big deal.. He jus' quit replying to emails and just ditched us.. Thought it a touch rude o_o; Dun' bid if you're not willing to pay.. and don't say ya'll send it if you won't o_o;

.... I like pixie stix. (blue)

-love love-

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