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My advice for Do Not Commission artist Shiuk

FIRST OF ALL !!! This is NOT a flaming attack or personal attack against Shiuk! This is a BUSINESS RELATED warning for the artist shiuk !! Please do understand I am writing this so that others can be aware of it and that hopefully Shiuk will listen to this and take this story into future relations with customers.

Back in April/March 2010 me and Shiuk discussed a commission I wanted to do. Shiuk was being very friendly and after I explained the drawing, he send me his OK on it, and I payed him shortly after. For such a good artist, 40 dollars is a nice deal! So Shiuk said he would have it done within a few weeks and I told him that was fine and even if it took longer, that was fine too :).
So after like 1 or 2 weeks after we made the deal, he already send me the sketched version of the commission and I was like, woow, that is very fast! And it looked perfect right from the start. All it needed was colouring and this drawing would have been finished!

So a few weeks went by and I haven't heard anything, so I thought I would send him a note asking POLITELY and KINDLY without any threats or flaming, what the status was. He said he was still working on it and I was fine with that comment, so I kept my mouth shut for another month or so. No word from Shiuk and no drawing yet either. Im a very patient guy. Dont like pushing artists by asking constantly on how things are doing.

During this period it was practically impossible for me to get any sort of reaction from Shiuk. I tried mailing him a couple of times, still being polite and kind, if I could get a status update. Since he said it would be done in a month or so, we are now already going to speak of months. Also tried leaving hints to his Twitter and Formspring, but the Twitter failed because he couldn't see my Tweets, and the second he must have seen, but deleted the questions. I cannot remember if I asked him things by the use of FA Notes, I think I did, but cannot confirm.
So over a time span of months and months I didn't do anything and just let it be, cause I had my busy life too and to be constantly going after him to ask what the status was, I didnt really wonna do. Of course I did saw new artwork being posted of him during that time, his Twitter still updating, so it seemed he was still alive.

Eventually we hit on December when a friend of mine just had a commission finished from Shiuk. So I immediatly asked him how long it took Shiuk for it to finish that one and when did you order it? Apparently Shiuk managed to get this one done in a few weeks time without any problems. This of course got me motivated again to search contact with Shiuk. Which my friend then politely asked Shiuk, cause he was still talking to him through IM and not through me, what the status was. I also posted on the same timeframe a FA Shout, and just minutes after that the shout got deleted and I finally had contact with Shiuk again through the FA Notes system!

To my shock the message was really short. Not really giving me an apology for waiting 8 months to get a commission from him, but just saying he will have it done by the weekend. So of course I tried getting a reason from him why he took so long to finish my drawing and why he hasn't been in touch and all that. His reasons were pointed to the furry fandom it seemed, which i could understand, but still. Your dealing with a costumer here. I kept on trying and get a reason out of him, but failing. At first he also offered a refund since he would be much happier with that. I did not agree as I did not waited 8 months just to get a refund. Told him he was a good artist and that he was almost done and it's making everybody happy if you finish this one. And if he didnt wanted to do my commission for whatever reason, he should have stated that during our deal moment or at least quickly after, but he already made the sketch, so that wasnt the case.

So the date was set for last weekend, but I still didnt have anything. But Shiuk did leave me a very nice message saying that he couldnt get to it on Sunday and he would finish it on Monday. So the Monday passed, The Tuesday passed, And up until late Wednesday, still nothing. No word, no drawing. So I poked him again about it asking the status, he replied: Just a lot of sudden "Oh, I wanted this for christmas" People. So then I said that I have waited 8 months for this drawing. You keep promising dates and its still NOT done yet. He replied: I'll add you to the before Christmas list. So I got a little pissed off from this as he promised me he would have it done long time ago, and now I have to wait a few more days again??? Sorry, but no way!

And then out of the blue I get two FA Notes saying: *sigh* and I am done. Refund has been sent.

And that was enough reason for me to post this Do Not Commission info towards Shiuk. His communication skills desperately need to improve and I felt like I have been treated poorly by his way of business. Highly recommend not doing business with him unless he makes some changes to finish commissions faster and communication about delays with his customers. In fact I wouldnt even call this a delay, but a simple, screw you, thing. Sure he gave me a refund, but that is not a good reason to calm down and not post something on my experience of this artist.
Shiuk needs to realize that I have been very patient with him, have been treating him professionally in my ways of contact through mail and other resorts. That I had no personal attack or flaming or anything else in mind towards him. I just wanted to have this wonderful artist, finish something :). And because he handled this as poorly as it can get, I just had to write about it.

I have posted this on my FA as a journal note and it seems more people are having issues with Shiuk.

Some screenshots of the e-mails I have been sending to him. Please note the dates. They qualify as enough timespan to not pester him right? :)
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