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Artist's studio name?

Hey all, I'm looking for some advice here, please...

I have an artist production name that I have been using since 2003. I have been paying for a web domain under the production name since 2005.

I just did a Google search my studio name to see what would come up, and I found this Facebook band page that is using the same name as me. There are only 10 people who "like" it, and everything was just made/added on their page from Nov. 30th 2010.

I'm not really sure what to do here. Do I just ignore it because they are producing music and I am producing 2D artwork? Or do I bring it up with them somehow? 

And if so, is there a way I can find who owns the Facebook group, since it's a page where you can't PM them? 

On the same note, I found a youtube account created a year ago that states they are a group of artists, with their DA pages linked, and they call themselves ...the same name that I have for my production name.

I'm a little bit more concerned about that one. I haven't exactly legally copyrighted my studio name yet, but I do have bills dating back to 2005 as to when I bought the domain name of it.

Oh, and I also found a fansub group with the same name as well that popped up in April of this year...it kind of bugs me, because it's not a common name at all that I am using, too :(

Of course at the time when I came up with the name, I did a Google search and there weren't any results for it in 2003.


Okay, so I did a bit more research on the fansub group...it seems their website doesn't have any updates before April of 2010 (as that may just be their style), but I found a forum board for them which dates back to 2005...still, I searched the Internet in and out before taking the domain name of it, and nothing came up then...so I can't help to wonder if they changed their name?

My domain reads like this __studios.com. Their domain reads like this __-fansubs.com, using the same first part...right now I am not going to tell my studio name, just because I have been having issues with harassment as of late by some people.
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