Crysta (crystamartin) wrote in artists_beware,

Lost contact: Slaphappybunny/Micromascots

Has anyone seen/heard from her at all?

I did a trade with her in 2008 - a collar and cuffs set from for a unicorn head. I know that two years is pretty slow going but as it was a trade I kind of let it slide for a long while, just asking for the occasional update, which were given, and I was really happy with how it was turning out.

According to the micromascots twitter, the head is completed, so I need to hash out shipping with her, but the email I sent asking for an update was replied to with a blank one and I emailed back saying "hey, that email was blank, did you send it by mistake?" I haven`t had a response yet.

I know it`s not the best time of year but I really would like to get this arranged just so I know when to expect customs to send me a bill! :P
Tags: artist-slaphappybunny/micromascots, lost contact

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