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Toxicko / intravenous / SA2

First time posting here, never thought I would ever have to. This tale dates back to early 09. I'm linked to Toxicko's art by a friend and dig the style. I pope em a note asking about if he/she is open for commissions which was promptly replied to with a big yes. We talked out the details and it came down to an inked, multi-paged comic at a flat price of 50 dollars. Now here's the big mistake I made which lead to this post...I actually trusted the bugger and paid upfront the entire 50 smackers.

Fast forwards 3 - 4 months and i've heard nothing from him after being told that sketches would be up rather quickly for me to confirm character detail stuff which there was nothing of the sort done. So I send him a note and ask him what's up and if everything's alright with the art. I wait a couple of weeks and then poke again after no-response. another week later and he finally responds with a story involving a busy college schedule and that now he would be free to get the sketches out and would be able to finish sketching out the entire comic within the month.

Weeeeell that never happens, a couple of months go by and there's silence with no-contact with em so I poke him again with a's been QUITE some time and there have been many promises of some sort of sketch work and even an 'omg free sketch for being so patient' but then I was still getting no response. I only later got a response out of him when I mentioned wanting some of of money back with the wait and that having paid upfront usually meant a quick turn-around.

He finally responds a few days later with some quick rough sketch that was of only the head and a partial of the upperbody...a bust-shot even. after that Toxico seemed to disappear from the net and stopped to responding to any and all notes. 2010 arrives and I find out the bugger had abandoned his DA and run off to join FA and had been QUITE active, so I poke em and ask for my money back since it just wasn't worth the wait from someone that didn't seem to want to do the work and apparently tried to run off with the money.

He responds almost immediately with a sob-story of his DA account not being able to look at notes or see comments and says he'll give me only part of my money back due to the previous work done...of which there was only one bit done and that was very rough sketch done after QUITE a few months. I say fine because I just wanted to be done with things and get SOME of my wated money back...well Toxico then tries to pull a disappearing act by abandoning that account as well.

I only recently found out from someone that he had two other accounts on FA which he was quite active on which it seemed was just to avoid the Toxicko one and the whole refund yeah this bugger is rather shady. Since I sent notes to his other two FA accounts he started a mass "DELETE IT ALL" campaign on them, just leaving FAV+'s behind along with the DA account having been deactivated.

So beware. o.o;
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