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Mroczniak: A (possibly former) fraud of an artist


Well, it seems Mroczniak is actually trying to keep her word. While I have yet to recieve the physical drawing, she posted the finished piece on deviantart ( http://mroczniak.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3arhfo ). So, keep your fingers crossed!


I just got the latest journal entry from this artist:

"I apologize all the commissioners who I hurted.
I'm very sorry for stole your money and didn't sending the originals to you.

I'll reapir it all.

...And tell you the truth. Year ago, when I wrote I need help, it was true. My money was stolen, also had hard time in home and I wanted to life by myself. Things had changed and I stayed. Later my computer "died" and I lost my notes.
I hadn't been sending arts to their commissioners because of fuckin problems...money meant for sending I was spending for cigarettes, drugs sometimes...
I was always scared to tell the truth.
Yes, I could have stopped it all eariel but I was ignoring you all telling myself I don't want more problems. It was stupid.
But when I realized how I hurted you...

Sometimes I don't understand myself. I don't want to be a thief anymore.

Life kills.

I'm sorry for being a bith.

PS. I hope you understand my poor english."

So...she used our money, hoping we'd all just give up and go away. Is that the gist? Well, anyhoo, here's hoping she keeps her word and rights her wrongs! We'll see!


As advised, I contacted the credit card company I used to pay for my commision, and explained what happened. They reimbursed me the next day (prolly b/c it was such a small amount), which is nice. I still have had no contact with the artist, though I know she's active on the site - she just posted a new commision journal 8 hours prior to this posting!

47 weeks ago (accoring to the timestamp on my deviantart note), I sent $8 in payment via PayPal to this artist for "a headshot, A4 size, colored, without background for $5 (plus S+H, and a $1 paypal exchange rate fee). I have never, never, NEVER seen anything in return, and the last time I heard from her was 11 weeks later when I sent her a note:
"Yeah, I'm alive. I have had some problems and no internet in last days...
For now I have a sketch of your commission and I'll finish it asap.
I'm really, really, sorry for not replying."

superpower-pnut said the following:

Please don't take this the wrong way, but it's been almost 11 weeks and I haven't heard from you about my commision. Are you okay?"

I'm not the only one - just look at her comment page - but I hope to stop a few from going down the same road. I alerted da, but they said their hands were tied. I have contacted PayPal as well. I only wish I'd done it sooner. Since I had never made a commision before, I seemed to have over-estimated the time alloted. In the future, I will have to be more cognizant in pinning down an exact time frame.

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