sigilgoat (sigilgoat) wrote in artists_beware,

Should I fix it?

I finished a commission for a customer recently, and he was THRILLED about it. He had given me very little to work off of, and approved every step. The commission included someone else's character, and now that it's done and posted, the other person has sent me a PM asking me to change a bunch of things about this character.

It's in my TOS that I don't change steps that have already been approved, so how should I go about this without being a total jerk?

I'm thinking of something like "I'm sorry, but since the work was approved by the person who commissioned it, I am unable to fix anything without an additional 10$ charge" or something of the like.

Advice? I've tried really hard to maintain my rep as someone easy to work with, so stuff like this is a bump I thought I'd solved with a TOS, you know?

EDIT: Issue is resolved! I emailed the customer, let him know about the TOS, and he said he also didn't realize the things I missed, so we're cool c:

Thank you guys for the advice!
Tags: advice for artists, resolved
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