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Another Victim of LunaticSupernova

Well it was 2 months ago that I was looking to commission artists for ACEO and someone recommended me I try the Deviantart Job forums. This is not my frist time commissioning an artist so, I posted up a thread and had many replies out of all of them I chose two. LunaticSupernova and Katie-Stantley since I found their art styles appealing. Lunatic Supernova assured me if I bought 6 ACEO at the price of 35 dollars I would get free shipping, so thats another factor that made me want to hire her and so I did.
She told me she would have them done in a week.

A week passed

I contacted both artist and Katie-Stantley showed me the finished ACEO and I received it in the mail later that week. I went to check up on LunaticSupernova and she told me she was done with all of them, but couldnt put them because of computer problems and not being able to scan. So I understood the situation cause i been in a similiar situation before, but she assured me she would send the ACEO's later that week.

2 weeks passed

I hadnt got anything in the mail so I asked LunaticSupernova about it. She told me she hadnt send them because weather was bad and that she actually sent them yesterday. I was thrilled and thanked her. She said I would get them by late November. I waited once again.

By early December.

So then I was starting to question why the package was taking SO long to arrive. I know its from out of country, she being from Indonasia and I from USA, but usually I commission my friend from out of country and her commissions get to me fast in normal mail.
I started investigating her pages and saw a lot of artists recently complaining that they waited so long for their commissions and had never seen them. I asked on her comments politely that I had not got my commissions hoping for a reply.
Later that day I saw her comment page was spammed by her "Fans" in an attempt to flush comments from other artists away. That got me upset so I posted once again, but this time with an angry smiley.
Later that weeks friends would come to her page and excuse her saying she was dealing with stuff in real life but was getting the commissions done, but the problem with my commission with her is that she said she was done and had sent it.
I visited each artists page who had problems with her, and inevitably I found an artist who wrote a journal that she had contacted LunaticSupernova on Deviantart and she was responding there, so I tried my luck.
I contacted her, and soon got a reply. I asked about my commissiona dn she said she sent it and why it hadnt arrived was a mystery, that maybe it will come. I told her that I had lost trust in her and was thinking she never did them at all and I demanded a refund
She gave me the reasoning that she had problems IRL, and that she was busy with a job, and that she couldnt refund me cause she didnt have money in her paypal. I told her unless she was telling the truth about sending my ACEOs I'd be keeping tabs on her until

She has money to refund me
The ACEOS arrive
Redo the ACEOS and send them in better mail service

She chose the last one, and she told me that she doesn't care if that first ACEOS ever arrive once she makes the new ACEO's, because it'll prove that she never lied to her commissioners.

So here I am once again, being naive. I'll update to see what happens to see if she pulls through when other artist assure me she wont once again. Since I haven't been waiting months yet like other artists.

Itd take too long to screen cap every message on DA so I'll copy and paste the messages here and from Facebook.

Deviantart Messages.

artist trading card
from *
to *
Hello,I'm interested to do an artist trading card.
Maybe I'm just doing a start as you can see on my latest submission,but yes I can make artist trading card.
The media and materials can be either color pencil or watercolor and the price will be different depends on the media that I used.
For BC paper and color pencil it'll be 5USD each and on watercolor paper+watercolor it'll be 8USD each.
All the cards will be laminated when ordered and for order more than 6 cards,the shipment will be free:)
Please take a look at my gallery to see what I can do.

Thank you very much
Re: artist trading card
from *
to *
Sweet. Yeah most artists are saying its 15 per skecth and thats a bit too much.

I'll take the 6+ Color Pencil Deal

If I order more than 6 its free shipping right?
LunaticSupernova said the following:

yes,the shipping will be free for order more than 6 cards^^

Re: artist trading card
from *
to *
Okay then I will order 7 cards
LunaticSupernova said the following:

okies then...just name your order by give me the references of what I should draw and I'm good to go:D
once all the cards are finished,I'll inform you and please give me your address so I can send them to you:D

and oh anyway,my paypal is^^

Thank you very much^^

(I name my aceos I want done)
LunaticSupernova said the following:

Hiya,thanks for the reference pics:)
I'll try to finish them all by this week anyway^^
One question,should I draw them in realistic version/similar to the reference or I have a freedom to draw them in my stylized manga version but still have their image?
Just to make sure I'm on the right track and won't disappoint you:)

Please deposit the payment to my paypal and once I'm ready I'll show you the sketches of the cards,and when you're agreed I'll start coloring them^

e: artist trading card
from *
to *
In your Stylized Manga version but still have their image.

i like seeing different art styles and is why i do commissions ^_^
LunaticSupernova said the following:

okay then^^
I'll do my best to get their image with my style^^
anywayz,can you send the payment first to my paypal before I can start sketching?
thank you very much^^


After waiting to see if she finished my ACEOs

from *ToryPrescott
to *
I heard about your latest trouble.

But wondering if you finished my commish ACEOS?
LunaticSupernova said the following:

yeah...I had finished it and I had compiled all the files together so I can submit them...but I keep failing uploading them cuz it's too I got a very limited internet connection lately cuz of bad weather in Jakarta lately...=_=

well...maybe you can gimme your address so I can mail them by next week...I had made you waited for too long anyway
sorry for the trouble >_<

(I give her my address)
LunaticSupernova said the following:

Umm...that's in USA,right?
just to make sure so I won't put wrong address

I cant find the comment on her page where she told me they would arrive by late November, but here are the recent face book messages.

Migi A. Padilla December 13 at 5:37pm
Hey Im Toryprescott on deviantart. I heard you are on FB a lot so i decided to contact you. I commissioned you for ACEO last month that you said you sent and I never received. I was going to commission you for more stuff until I saw people telling me that you never sent their art either. It makes me sad cause this si the first time this has happened to me. Im asking politely if I could have my money back, since I never got my ACEOs from you. Please reply to this

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 13 at 9:39pm Report
I never sent their art?
Ask Rokkusan,DemonicEssence,Randy100(I can only remember a bunch because they're the most recent commissioner that I sent the originals) and the last time I sent to Kilo112205 2 weeks ago.
Sometimes the mails took random to arrive and I use different kind of mail when sending bigger pics (just like what I did to that 4).
And I use ordinary mail service(air mail or whatever it said when someone using letter for mailing...I don't quite understand of the name overseas)for your mail.
For honest I must admit that I was once ordering print from DA since July and was just arrived in the end of November,while it said it had sent at the first week of August...
Please I want you to be patient for it,and for honest I can't refund as well since I don't have credit card or something and I have no money on my paypal at the moment.
Because I had stopped receiving commission since a month ago and I also got bunch of people who had commissioned me recently and never paid me while I had done their commission(if it's total,it'll be around 100...)
And I tell no lie here...
Please I want your understanding for this...

Migi A. Padilla December 13 at 9:42pm
Its just I did trust you, but so many people send me message that you didnt do their commissions for a year so im a bit worried. But remember I payed you before you even started it.
I have a hard time trusting cause Ive commissioned my friend from Indonasia MANY times and still do and her commissions always arrive like in 2 weeks.

Ill keep tabs on you until:
You get money to refund me
The ACEOS arrive
Redo the ACEOS and send them in better mail service

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 13 at 10:00pm Report
Yes I know you did pay me before...I asked upfront because I was just lost 90USD from a commissioner who commissioned me bunch of sketches and never gave me a reply
Never doing a commission for a year?
The longest commission that I haven't made and still on a WIP/sketch until now is Equinexus' cuz I lost the reference before and she commissioned me back on May me I have a special note for my commissioner...and I have all the date when they commissioned me.
Sometimes I took kinda long for doing a commission because I don't want it looked 'bad' and I need time to think of a good for a CG I actually took longer cuz recently I have no confident over my CG and I always ended up repainting it over and over because I'm not satisfied(just like what had done to Apocalypticdove's commission).
It was what had made me take too long to finish a commission...not the other way around like I don't do their commission or else.
I also have IRL job as a part time private drawing/painting tutor,freelance illustrator and I currently doing my own comic for a publisher.
Well I just wanna clarify my situation here...I just hope you'll understand and thanks for trusting me before

Migi A. Padilla December 13 at 10:06pm
(not in a mad tone) But why did you note me to commission you, if you were busy and had a IRL job? I could have given the job to someone else, and its cause I wanted the ACEOs by This month
ANother reason is cause I commissioned this other girl at the same time as you and she got done with the ACEOs and I got them quick.
It kinda sucks since Im always looking out for the mail in hope that the package comes and people are telling me Im never getting it and Im very paranoid and such :(

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 13 at 10:09pm Report
Well if you haven't received it until 20th of December,I'll choose the last option...I don't care if someday the cards that I had sent to you arrived at least I know it'll arrive to you safely
To be honest,this problem really stressing me much...although I know it's because of my own fault...and I have to do rushed works for some commissions that I owed...and I hate it.
Because some people really pushing me too far and they acted as if I never doing my commissions...
At that moment I have time to do it and I had get it done.
The problem is maybe the me.
Well then I'll redo the ACEOs and send them to you.
But can you give me time until 20th of December for doing it because I have to finish the remaining commissions...just so those people know that I won't run with their money or else

Migi A. Padilla December 13 at 10:14pm
Thats why you should have slots for how many commissions you take at a time, and refuse to do more until you're done. My friend only takes like 5 at a time, she keeps in contact with the client so taht they dont worry. i was patiently awaiting my ACEOs from you and checking your page to see if you updated, and then thats when I saw a lot of user complaining and i got worried

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 13 at 10:19pm Report
I actually have slots for my commissions,but sometimes there's an urgent financial matter that made me have to open urgent commission...just like those BW+monocolor commission ones which I had finished all that I have on my hands(from 5 pics total)

Migi A. Padilla December 13 at 10:20pm
How many commissions do you have to do right now?

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 13 at 10:22pm Report
2 BW ink from earlier slot(one of them is Equinexus') and 1 CG speedpaint for ApocalypticDove(I had finished 1 out of 2 yesterday)
and I say it honestly I have to submit Zerelixon's commish nao

Migi A. Padilla December 13 at 10:23pm
In total?
What about those people that keep saying you didnt finish their commission?

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 13 at 10:25pm Report
I had sent my remaining money to Tehalienfetus yesterday and I am currently working on their commissions now.

Migi A. Padilla December 13 at 10:27pm
yeah and now Tehalienfetus seems to be raging on your page telling everyone off.
I hope that I do get my ACEOS soon cause I commissioned you cause I liked your art

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 13 at 10:35pm Report
actually it was started off from Elusiv3failure's comments that telling I NEVER do my commissions and only doing my OCs..while in fact I'm not...
You can tell from the submissions that I did before that incidents happens,especially from the BW ink+monocolor commission batch
and seems like there are some people too fueled this issue and adding up that I never doing my commission
I actually have some issue of commission with particular artists on DA that haven't doing my commission for over a year(precisely from May 2009 and August 2009)...and I had paid them :/
Thanks for entrusting me,I will try not to disappoint you again

Migi A. Padilla December 13 at 10:40pm
Okay and thank you for actually replying,

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 13 at 10:44pm Report
You're welcome...and there's actually a reason why I only 'active' on FB and YM currently...I have a limited connection recently that might cost me a lot if I open DA or uploading pics,as it spent some quota/credits on my internet bill and I am on a very tight financial currently...and I was just actually opening DA by Sunday,using my tutor student internet connection for submitting some pics .
And just wanna tell you too,I might be hiatus from DA until 20 to finish the commissions remained

Migi A. Padilla December 13 at 10:48pm
Okay Ill ask about your progress on the 20th or after. If anything comes up message me

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 13 at 10:52pm Report
okies then...if there are something to ask,just PM me via FB
I'll always replying like this.
I just don't like full frontal act just like Tehalienfetus and other's did on my DA sorry

Migi A. Padilla December 13 at 10:53pm
I was upset because I really thought you just took money and ran, but replying like this actually made me see, if you were like that you wouldnt even had replied.

There was more after this but nothing relevant just a casual conversation on the ACEOS and what style I would like them done and sort. So here I am seeing if she doesnt lose my trust a 2nd time. I'll update the situation to see if she keeps her word.
Feel free to call me a fool or sort for believing her and sorts, but after this Im thinking of only keep commissioning the artists I always have before since they're most trustworthy.
I know there has been an opposite problems with people who commission who never pay after their work has been done and sorts, but IDK what else to say argh :P

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