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Beware - Lunaticsupernova

So I've never posted here, but I think it's high time I do.

Over nine months ago I commissioned a deviant with the name "Lunaticsupernova". She's a great b&w ink artist and I really wanted a piece from her. 25$, cool.

So I send her the 25$ and she messages back that she'll be done soon. In the mean time, I commissioned one of her friends, "Kurokugatte" for a 20$ piece. She was friends with Lunatic, so she asked that we send our money through paypal to Lunatic. I did this. So now, Lunatic has 45$ of my money, right?

Incoming tl;dr.

Tell me if I'm doing this wrong, I'm trying to warn people-- but let me know if I've posted like an idiot on here.

Basically, after getting no response from her REPEATEDLY on deviantart through notes, her friend in real life, KuduKudu, found my angered journal entry and sent me Lunatic's Facebook page (and gave me a free commission, mind you.) telling me Lunatic was VERY active on there and was ignoring her deviantart page. I was furiated. I immediately went to Lunatic's Facebook and messaged her. Note, I had constantly been told by Lunatic, "I will have it done this weekend." "I will have it done tomorrow." "I will have it done Monday."

Here's our messages back and forth. Note dates.

tehalienfetus December 4 at 3:45pm
Your friend KuduKudu has sent me this page I guess in hopes that I will be able to reach you. She has already had to apologize for you and has even given me a FREE commission for what you have not returned to me. It's WAY past Monday when you said my commission would be done. I need my money back at this point.

As well as the money from Kurokugatte's commission...

20$ + 25$ = 45$. -- Please return it to (emailwitheld) on paypal.

- deviantart.tehalienfetus / Jupi

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 4 at 10:18pm
Hello,I apologize for my absence in DA but I just wanna make an honest confession that even in these following week I can't even able to open DA due to my limited internet connection.
I had finished your commission,but if you want I'll send the pic by tonight as today I'm not around until night
I'm in no way escaping from my responsibility cuz in fact I only use YM and FB on some occasion cuz opening DA way too much spend credits/bandwidth on my limited connection and I am currently money tight to pay my internet bill(it's no lie!)
But as for the refund if you don't mind I'll refund but around mid December.
So sorry once again.

tehalienfetus December 4 at 11:27pm
If you can send it, that's great, however, I will still need the money back. I'm sorry this all happened, but it has gotten ridiculous and for the holidays coming up, the money will really help out my family.

tehalienfetus December 5 at 6:49pm
Alright, it's been over 24 hours and I have to say I'm not expecting my commission at this point. "Tonight" is over as far as I'm concerned and I'm sick of waiting. I need my money back ASAP, seeing as my father is going through Chemo therapy for his cancer and whatever money I can get back, I will. I don't expect you to give me any commission at this point, as I feel you don't have it.

Now, unless you can prove to me you have NO means of getting me my money within the next few days, which I'd LOVE to see, I need it in my account within a week. Otherwise, I will have to warn people from commissioning you, as you seem to do anything but work on people pay you for.

Again, 45$ to my account (emailwitheld).

I'm sorry I'm being so stern, but you've really struck a nerve. If you can't get someone their art to them by a certain time you deem, DON'T TELL THEM THAT TIME. I can't count how many times you said "tomorrow" and tomorrow came with nothing. I'm telling you now, how FRUSTRATING that is. You are going to lose all chances at getting commissions in the future.

tehalienfetus December 10 at 10:43pm
Heeeeeeeeeeeeelllo. Answer me please.

tehalienfetus December 12 at 11:12pm
So you uploaded a couple things. You wanna upload the rest? This is really fucking ridiculous. I have sent you messages on Facebook and you keep saying "tomorrow." I've fucking had it. Seriously? This is pathetic. I need my 45$ back, commission or not.

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 12 at 11:30pm

Sorry I just had a chance for uploading things by yesterday and I'll upload couple of more this week,and I had some of them ready to be submitted on DA.
I haven't submitted anything on FB since the last pic that I did on DA for Lumani's commission because in fact I haven't had a proper chance to submit any due to some circumstances.
and I had already told you before that I will send the money by the middle of December on my first reply,so I need to collect them until I got 45 to refund you.
And I know this heard frustrating as well,but some people treating me as if I NEVER did my commissions although in fact I did although I admit that did them by random order just like what I had told on my deleted journal.
And I don't understand too why there's someone who said that I did commission from friends first over the others...because the fact is I either rarely talk to them or just talk to them once for that commission.
I know how frustrating too waiting a commission to be done,especially if you had paid it...because in fact I had felt that way...but as far as I experienced it,that person never treated that way while there are PLENTY of their victim who even had waited since 2 years and without proper reply nor that person submit other commissions... .

tehalienfeuts December 12 at 11:36pm

Yeah, you should check your deviantart comments. If you can't do your commissions, stop taking them. If you can't get money back to people, stop taking it. I can't wait for my money. I need it now. It's not just frustrating- I'm FUMING. This is despicable behaviour no matter WHAT the circumstances. You always have an excuse and if you'd just learn to NOT TAKE commissions, you wouldn't be in this place. I have a feeling you've lost a LOT of possible commissioners. Sorry to say but I'm telling EVERYONE to never commission you. It's not worth it.

In closing, I will be waiting for my money by tomorrow. I'm already sending paypal a notice and they will either legally take it from you, or you can give it to me easily.

I hope for your sake you get your act together. It's pathetic when your friends have to apologize for you.

Hajimeva Aikawanov December 13 at 3:04am
I've sent the money to your paypal
And I don't have any means to have an excuse because it's happened just as I told you,without any lies told.
And it was true that I was using my tutor student's internet access yesterday to submit some commissions that I owed(you can ask her if you don't believe me)
And I'll submit the rest afterward .


The same day I got my money back from Lunatic, I got a response from Kuro on her wall which I screencaped. I had accused her of working with Lunatic in stealing money (since I was so mad and neither were responding to me), which I'm assuming is incorrect, since she claims she never saw a cent of my money herself.

Kuro is relatively sweet and seems to have nothing to do with Lunatic anymore, for all I know.

As I thought, she had no reason to get my money to me immediately, therefore, she did. So. As long as I have my money back, I could care less about the art at this point. It would just be icing on the cake. This is not only myself suffering- she has been featured in a new page called Commissioner-Beware on deviantart, and is being BEGGED for money and art reponse and return on her page.

In short? DO NOT COMMISSION this girl.

SORRY TO EDIT THIS, I'M NEW. And this is a LOT of information to pour into a post, I really do apologize if I skip some things. I will edit as needed, if that's alright.
Tags: artist-lunaticsupernova/hajimeva aikawan, beware

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