Millilicious is Delicious (millilicious) wrote in artists_beware,
Millilicious is Delicious

ohmygoat lost contact

ETA: I've been contacted, thank you!

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had heard from ohmygoat, letsseesomhooves at all? The last we were in contact was about six weeks ago regarding a paper cut-out commission I ordered back on July 21. I sent her a PM through LJ and then e-mailed her just recently (December 2). I notice that she has a journal on her furraffinity account talking about commissions, but she's not said anything to me about them, nor has she gotten in contact with me. That was also a month ago. I have also noticed that she favourited a picture three days ago. I also added her Skype address (with permissions from her), but I've never seen her online.

Thank you!

PS. I don't have a furraffinity account so can't send her any PMs or the like.
Tags: artist-ohmygoat/letsseesomehooves, lost contact

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