Grunge Panzer (grunge_collie) wrote in artists_beware,
Grunge Panzer

Beware - Flyingfire

I commissioned Flyingfire ( around May 2009 for a badge of my character to wear at MFF that year. She hasn't actually finished the badge, and it's way past the deadline. Over the course of more than a year, I met her regularly at the local bi-weekly fur meets where she would tell me she forgot my badge or that she didn't realize I would be at the meet that particular day even though she could have sent a note to ask if I was going that time or just brought it with her in case I did. I let it go for a while, but then she stopped mentioning it altogether. That's when I decided to ask her about it in a note on FA. She says she forgot about it. Here's the screen cap I let her know that I didn't actually want the badge anymore and just wanted a refund. She told me she'd have that for me two weeks later, so I waited. Two weeks later, I ask her about it (here's a cap of that note:, and she said she didn't have cash but would gladly paypal my refund to me. I haven't seen a dime of that yet.
At this point I'm not expecting a refund or the promised work. This is strictly a beware for others to see and add to.

Update: I just received a refund.
Tags: artist-flyingfire, beware, resolved
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