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Shadowdale Creations, aka LordIronwulf

 Greetings, A_B. I'm here to tell you about my 2-year battle with the costume artist by the name of "Shadowdale," whom also goes by "LordIronwulf" on deviantart.

His deviantART
His Website

Almost 2 years ago during January, I decided that what I wanted to do with my holiday money was buy my character's coat for myself. It looks fairly similar to Edward from Full Metal Alchemist's coat with some modifications, and so after coming across Shadow Dale's website, he seemed to be the guy to go to. After checking his gallery and his past pieces, I paid about $230 ahead of time, and was only told that "it may take a little while, because there's a lot of orders." Okay, that's fine, I'd said, and went on my merry way, waiting patiently.

2 months went by... well, I'll check the progress, I figured. i get a very bland response along the lines of, "Yup, there's still a long line." No details or anything, but I figured he was busy.

6 months rolled by... I sent an email of concern, just, again, wanting a status update. No response. It repeats like this for a while until about a half a year ago (a year and a half since I ordered the item) when i leave a public message on deviantart, which i would love to show you, but has been hidden by Shadow Dale. He tells me that the materials are coming in "next week." This was March of this year.

I wait a few months, then check in to see if everything's going accordingly. No response. Again in 2 months. No response. By September, i gave up, and unfortunately decided to cut my losses, as my original order receipt had long since been lost to an email crash. 

Summary: This artist does not respond to customers, does not do work in any form of timely manner, and has blatantly stolen over $230 from me. Yes, I do see work come from him for other customers on his deviantART, but he seems to do only what interests him, and ignores the rest. 
I'd like to know if anyone else has had bad experience from Shadow Dale, but otherwise, I am simply saying, beware of this artist. Do not purchase from him. Below the cut is the only email I managed to save, and a screencap of the last deviantART note I sent.

EDIT: I've just found proof that I ordered it. I feel it necessary to bring this to the attention of the BBB and try to get my money back. I thought  I'd lost the email, but it hadn't been lost from the sent box. I'm not going to post it because it's very long, containing the detailed order form and measurements and whatnot.

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