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Seeking Advice: Flaky commissioner?

 Hi, A_B.

I am looking for advice regarding a commissioner that I am choosing not to name.

This said commissioner came to my AA table at a con and "purchased" a badge from me. At the end of the day, when I took my receipts to the staff, they had not received a payment for that receipt number.

After the con, I was informed through a friend that the commissioner in question told her that she 'forgot' to pay for the commission. The commissioner never informed me, so I could have very well turned out a product without any form of payment. Fast foward to late last month. The same commissioner contacted me wanting a fully colored commission. I said that I would take it, and sent my information to them. They took two days to decide what they wanted before sending me a note back. I replied with a quote, and I haven't heard from them. The whole process has taken maybe 9 days. 

The notes sit in their inbox, read. I would like to think they are just busy, because it is so close to the holidays... but since they have done this to me before, I am not so sure.

Do you think this person will continue to do this to me, and that I should thank them for their time and choose not to work with them.. or is that too harsh?

What are your thoughts? Should I update my ToS with a timeframe, or should I not even bother if this is a rare occurrence?  If this becomes a recurring issue with this commissioner, how should I handle it?

Thanks much~


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