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UPDATE2: Immortal Moon Studio / Kandy_Fosky

I'VE UPDATED THE MAIN POST regarding my issues with this artist. My question is, after reading all of it and watching the video, should I proceed with court?

EDIT: This is what she claims the costs were:
"Your funds were pooled to buy the furs (all 6 of them for your suit), foams, and other small things. Furs usually cost around $15 a pound if I buy by the pound and at least $20 plus shipping by the yard online. Foam depends on density and weight but is usually sold by the pound locally. Your funds were combined with other commissioners funds to buy 3 yards of long white (by the yard online), 2 yards of long black fur (by the yard online), 1 pound of medium white (locally), 2 pounds short black (locally), 1 pound medium black (locally), 5 pounds of foam (locally) along with other small things like thread and such.
The furs alone came out to over $140 not including shipping and tax
The foam was about $30
The other miscellaneous materials I would estimate around $15
All of these materials and such would have been used to make your suit plus some materials I had already purchased such as paint, mesh, felt, liner, fun foam, sculpty, rubber coat, kevlar thread and more. The pool of funds was also used to pay for the shipping for your box, though most commissioners are required to pay for their own shipping."

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