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Dislocated Penguin / Mursia Boy

I went to AnthroCon 2010 and commissioned this artist for a simple 25 dollar waist high commission for a friend. She seemed to be going through her list slowly but surely (

but then she just stopped posting on FA. If you go to her user page ( you will find several people, including me trying to contact her to get this resolved in a peaceful way. But its been around 5 months now since AC 2010 and i'm tired of playing games with her. She is actively posting to her twitter (!/MurisaBoy) and her 'cosplay' DA account ( and i have sent her messages on Twitter, FA private message and even an email and she is ignoring them all,.

so it seems i was a lucky one and got a half done commission (line art when it was supposed to be colored) but it seems others didn't get their work started at all.

Avoid this artist!

DeviantArt 1:
DeviantArt 2:
AIM: j3stergundam
Steam: Exploding Penguins!
Tags: artist-dislocatedpenguin, beware

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