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More on Starfinder


3/12/10 12H32 EST UPDATE: Starfinder has contacted me saying that she will send it out by the end of the week (I'm guessing that means next week) because she's currently tied of up with finals. So, it looks like this situation is on it's way to being resolved. At least I hope so!


Just thought I'd post something else about Starfinder. I just found this community an hour ago; boy I wish I had seen it long before then.

Basically, she owes me a print, and the hard copy of two small bust sketches (one was free, as a deal for buying a print, so I'm not going to complain about that). This is back in January. My last communication with her last in June, six months after payment. Note that this isn't even original art - it's a print. The bust sketch that I paid for she actually DID draw, she just had to send it to me. My last communication with her in June was as follows:

Hey there,

I was wondering if you ever got a chance to ship these out? I know you're extremely busy and have a lot going on, but it's been quite some time - according to my PayPal, I paid for the print on Janurary 19th, and the airplane sketch on Feb 28th. I'm just curious as to what happened to them.



Her response:


Still have everything, just going through some tough issues right now with my bank. I'm currently overdrawn due to their dishonest way of processing checks and other payments and they keep hitting me with fees to keep me in the negative. :/ For now I'm struggling with them and with my own commissions to get in the positive as I have no money to do anything, like buy gas for my car, pay my bills, etc, let alone shipping too. :/ Sorry for the delays, things have not been good with me since the foreclosure and it's sort of a daily struggle to make ends meet. I'm hoping to get in the positive and ship everyone's stuff out ASAP though.

I'm reluctant to message her again because I always get a guilt trip... and whats annoying is she has the wonderful tenancy to delete a majority of her journal entries. She's very difficult to track.

EDITED to add:


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