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Coloring for Comics.

 Nothing definite as of yet- but looking for thoughts an opinions.

There's a potential chance I may be hired as a colorist for a webcomic (of which I've seen, read and have an idea for the target audience and such of which I'm comfortable with). The comic itself is being done by the sole creator (writer, artist, etc.) for the time being. No words or negotiations have been exchanged just yet- and I don't know which style of coloring of mine that they're interested in.

They're also in a different country altogether- however they're still gathering their own ideas and information and such before any firm or final contracts or anything.

A) What kind of questions should I prepare of for myself to ask?

B) I haven't the slightest idea of how to price myself per page. What should I keep in mind when coming up with said price?

( If you need examples of my coloring for a better idea, click here >>> )

Tags: advice for artists

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