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Praise and more problems...

We finally received the Starfinder commission this morning. I'm happy with this part....

Now on to something else... I was checking my list of outstanding art commissions and came across a couple.. One of them got me thinking... Brian Wear... I commissioned him at Califur.0 (2004) for a adult piece, and paid at the con ($25 or something like that). Due to the nature of cons and my packing, I lost the receipt. So I'm powerless unless I actually see him. Now, I have indeed seen him, once being at his own home, the other time was at FC05. Both times I've been told "Don't worry, I'll get it done as soon as possible." Meanwhile, he's cranking out other people's commissions. At FC, he was making one as we spoke on the issue. Brian does NOT deny owing me an art commission. He's just not doing it. I think a year is too long to wait without updates, and empty promises.

I totally understand that sometimes things come up, but when it's other people's commissions, commissioned after me... I can't help it wonder what the hell this person is thinking.

I do know of one other person, a close friend of mine, who's con badge from CF.0 was late by nearly 6 or 7 months! And it was a rush job at that! Pencil lines, the coloring was piss poor... Not worth the $15 or whatever he was charging that year. Also, this badge isn't even marked "CF0" like mine is... It's only marked "2004." That's just a badge now, not a Califur.0 con badge. To make matters worse, I had to ride Brian's ass to get that to my friend. It took me constantly emailing and IMing to get him to do it.

I just don't think I should have to crack a whip everytime I want my art work done in the same century I commission it in.. much less my friends' art commissions.

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