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Writing Literature

Hey guys,

This is more of an artist question rather than a beware.

I read recently that the sales for books IRL are down because of e-Books and I find that completely understandable.

However, I have had my own 'how-to-draw- book project planned for a while and have my own concerns about it. My original customer base that I'll aim for is furry/anime artists and convention artists but I want to cover more than just drawing...

Would you be interested in a HTD book/series if it included additional information like
  • Selling/Marketing your Artwork and Expanding your customer base (Selling online, printing services vs. printing at home, how to price your work, etc)
  • Convention Tips and Tricks (Typical convention AA, setup and selling techniques, etc)
  • DIY Art Products you can make (buttons, charms, jewelry, etc)
  • General Species Study Chapters (Differences in species, reference study techniques, a 'scientific' approach at mythological creatures, etc)
I'll likely plan on selling the books as e-books, books on CD and have a few physical copies printed through Lulu or something.

I'd have a few lessons published online for free and then have most of the material for sale.
What sorts of other art-related info could people want?
And would you even be interested in this sort of thing?

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